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About companies Sensitive Sound.

Company Sensitive Sound, was founded in 1999 by an engineer of electronic components R. P. Lebedev.

Positive impact and contribution to the development of the company Sensitive Sound had a joint cooperation with manufacturers in Japan and the United States from 1995 -1999 years in the field of design studies materials and technologies, industrial know-how the audio equipment of class hi-end .

Since 1999 the company Sensitive Sound has its own experience with patents and inventions built MC cartridges . Specialized in designing and manufacturing unique modern metals and alloys for core audio transformer made from special grades of steel that allows you to compete with manufacturers

Hi End equipment is world-class.

All our products are based on long-term research and experience in MC cartridges production. 

We only use raw materials of superior quality and unique proprietary developments. 

This enables us to produce professional MC cartridges which enhance the natural timbre of each musical instrument by providing the right depth and clarity of sound. 

Never have analog music lovers enjoyed such a wide choice of MC cartridges models.  

We have now developed 35 brand new models with no analogues in the world. 

We can thus challenge the first generation of MC cartridges. 

The company Sensitive Sound is living proof that MC cartridges have not stopped evolving. 

All the MC cartridge models produced by Sensitive Sound far outshine their predecessors, with the quality of sound matching the quality of assembly work. 

Sensitive Sound provides a 3-year construction warranty and 1200 - 1700 hours of guaranteed operation time on condition of proper service (with vertical stylus pressure of 1,75-1.85 grams).