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Technology company Sensitive Sound.

Engineer of electronic components, industrial designer and founder of the company Sensitive Sound - Roman Lebedev.

The new generator system with powerful air magnets and a constant oriented magnetic field has perfect symmetry in terms of its mechanical, electrical and magnetic characteristics.

Features of our professional MC cartridges

All sensitive audio products are made from high-quality raw materials using our own developments with the assistance of technological specialists of metallurgical factories.

All blanks are crushed cryogenically without breaking the crystal lattice of the metal. This results in high magnetic directivity and permeability. MC cartridges are assembled from 51 parts.

Undoubtedly, they can be ranked among the most advanced MC cartridges in the world, ever produced.

All MС cartridges are equipped with a magnetic core made of pure iron (with an impurity content of less than 0.00002%). The magnetic permeability of this iron is hundreds of times higher than that of conventional iron used by other companies in the production of MC cartridges. The patented X-shaped core of the MC cartridge, produced by sensitive sound, is made of high-tech materials. In this case, for the precision coil, we use long-grained crystalline copper wire with a purity level reaching 99.999998%. Boron cantilever (diameter 0.28 mm) is characterized by low weight and resonant stability.                

*Complex Ogura Micro HD profile, depending on the model.

*Stylus profile Micro Ridge, depending on the model.

*Stylus profile Line contact, depending on the model. 
*Stylus profile Semi-line contact , depending on the model.

*Stylus profile Shibata (SH) lll, depending on the model.  

Open type generator, silver cartridge pins (0,9999 hallmark), gold plated. 
Output voltage: 1,2- 0,2 mV (5 cm/sec, 1 kHz) depending on the model.
Coil impedance: 10 - 0,1 Ohm. (depending on the model).
Recommended stylus force: 1,7 – 1,85 gr. (depending on the model) .
Dynamic compliance: 5/12 х 10-6 cm/dyn (depending on the model). 
Trekking angle: 20°- 23° (depending on the model)

Magnet material:Cobalt-Platinum-CoPt (depending on the model).

Magnet material: Neodymium N52 (depending on the model). 
Magnet material: Samarium-cobalt YXG 32 (depending on the model). 

Advanced technologies in both production and material selection represent commercially sensitive information that is not disclosed.

There are 8 and 12 neodymium magnets in the construction (depending on the model), this improves the channel separation rate: more than (55 dB), this made it possible to increase the output voltage value to 4 MV without increasing the coil turns, that ensure power distribution, excellent performance and ultra-dynamic linearity and it improves resolution over the entire frequency range, providing an incredible high-definition feed, low noise.

MC cartridges have a distinctive milled body design made of anodized aircraft aluminum. They are rather massive MC cartridges whose weight (depending on the model) is 9-24 grams. 

Due to their construction, weight and material, achieves efficient resonance suppression.

Sensitive Sound provides a 3-5year construction guarantee on all of the MC cartridges models. 

Guaranteed operation time is 1000 hours on condition of proper service (with vertical stylus pressure of 1,75 - 1,85 grams). 

However, according to our designer and engineers, HiFi cartridges with Nude diamonds can expect to far exceed 2,000 hours with proper care and maintenance. To achieve this result, you need to:

1. Proper care must be taken to ensure the proper alignment, tracking force, and azimuth of the cartridge during setup. 

2. Appropriate vinyl care must be exercised regularly in order to keep each record free of dust, record release compound, record sleeve residue, and other contaminants. 

3. The stylus must be gently cleaned without the use of solvents, directly before and after each record side is played. 

The diamond stylus will begin to exhibit physical changes after approximately 1,000 hours. This is a feature of all diamond styli from all manufacturers. 
The diamond stylus will begin to show physical changes in about 1000 hours. This is a feature of all diamond styles from all manufacturers.To some extent, the convenience of using cartridges for thousands of hours becomes a personal preference, rather than an absolute one.