Frequency response: 10 - 55 000 Гц (± 1 дБ).
Boron cantilever: 0,28mm.
Cross-shaped core.
Diamond Needle :
Shibata lll.
Housing material: CNC high precision machined from a single block
of aircraft grade aluminum.
Winding coil copper wire - 8N (99,999998% purity).
Output Voltage: 0.5 mV (5 cm / sec, 1 kHz).
Channel separation more : 35dB (1kHz).
Channel imbalance less than: 0.2 dB (1kHz).
The impedance of the coil: 11,5 Om.
Dynamic Compliance: 12x10 Dyne .
Static Compliance: 12 cu at 10Hz.
Recommended tracking force: 1.7-1.95 g.
Weight cartridge: 9.65 g.


Created for you, this Moving-Coil Stereo Phono Cartridge combines a daring design with intuitive technology to make your stereo system special.

Experience a new level of ART Inspired by the beauty of machined metal precision CNC glides effortlessly on Vinyl Albums. 

АRТ was designed with a strong emphasis on engineering efficiency, so that its performance would be as far beyond the sum of its parts as possible.

АRТ  The constrained-layer nature of this construction dramatically reduces the resonant signature of each material and creates a far more neutral-sounding body structure than otherwise possible, while the high body stiffness benefits transients, dynamics and resolution.

АRТ uses a  neodymium magnet system, diamond-coated boron rod cantilever 0.28 mm Shibata lll stylus, to mount the cantilever directly into the cartridge body to create a rigid, seamless connection between the cantilever assembly and tonearm headshell. 

Another design strength is  Art’s high-efficiency shaped signal coils, another attribute. Compared to traditional square coil formers the X-shape allows each channel to operate with greater independence from one another, giving better tracking, tighter channel matching, improved separation, and lower crosstalk-induced distortion. Although there are and have been other X-coil cartridges, their benefits have been accompanied by poor efficiency (in converting mechanical work into electrical output), either requiring high internal impedance (the larger coils add considerable moving mass and increase noise) and/or having low output voltage (which stresses the phono stage).

Discover the unique SPLASH and ART models that challenge the generally accepted ideas about Moving-Coil Stereo Phono Cartridge and created for people who need to be in the music world.