Has absolute symmetry in terms of its mechanical, electrical and magnetic characteristics.
Eight №52 neodymium magnets with a diameter of 4 mm, air-core.
That eliminates the loop hysteresis are overcome.
Designed, manufactured by  Roman Lebedev , Sensitive Sound.

Type: Ultra-low impedance MC cartridge.
Frequency response: 20 - 80 000 Гц (± 1 дБ).
Boron cantilever: 0,28mm.
Diamond Needle, Micro HD profile.
Housing material: CNC high precision machined from a single block of aircraft grade aluminum.
Winding coil copper wire - 8N (99,999998% purity).
Output Voltage: 0.8 mV (5 cm / sec, 1 kHz).
Channel separation more : 40 dB (1kHz).
Channel imbalance less than: 0.3 dB (1kHz).
The impedance of the coil: 9 Om.
Dynamic compliance: 5h10-6 cm / dyne.
Recommended tracking force: 1.70-1.80 g.
Weight cartridge: 23 g.

A new standard of quality obtained the name of Sensitive Sound

A nice line of MC cartridges and high quality designs handmade.

The master, inspired by the sound of birth, joined in the creation of beautiful and unique materials,

built so firmly and gracefully, which extends a true work of musical art.

Heavy, extremely reliable, with high working resource for true connoisseurs of the art of sound.

Engineer of electronic components, industrial designer and founder of the
company Sensitive Sound - Roman Lebedev, exquisite phono cartridges are the beautiful result.

Lebedev Roman share an intense passion for audio and are fanatical about creating and producing the most advanced phono cartridges. 

Sensitive Sound’s mission is to create long lasting products that combine original thinking, advanced engineering, 

and ideal materials application. 

Sensitive Sound’s cartridges are built 100% from the ground up in Russia. 

The result is a family of transducers that extract an unprecedented level of revealed texture, transparency, 

and dynamic contrast from an analog music collection, ensuring maximum immersion and emotional involvement in the music.

All the models of MC cartridges by Sensitive Sound impress with their timbre richness, clarity and the open live 'performance'. 

Voice Bel Canto captivates the listener with its subtle tones; it is beautiful and rich in every register, light, open and detailed, every breath is transmitted clearly and freely.

One can clearly hear the acoustic stage of the concert hall and the 'breathing of the orchestra'. 

The piano is reproduced with pinpoint accuracy and creates the effect of presence exposure. 

The kettledrum in the low frequency range with powerful 'fortissimo' is deep, distinct and very open. 

The deep, dense and intense bass infinitely fills the space. 

An excellent multidimensional space conveys dynamic contrasts. 

The widening of stereo panorama offers perfect alignment to the front, 

depth sensitivity and   realistic fast transitions.  

The dimensional canvas of sounds flows and envelops the listener. 

The timbre of instruments and voices is transmitted naturally while preserving their fascinating warmth and power, 

which makes a lasting impression. 

Welcome to the amazing world of analog music by Sensitive Sound.